Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Organix Part 20 - The Hip Hop Blockbuster!, Whos IN?

Part 20 - The Hip Hop Blockbuster

Watch The Brief Here

Download The Beat Here

In this part you will have to write 16 BARS about a film.

For Example...

If i picked 'Ace Ventura' (Bad Example I know!) I would either:

*Try and rap about the plot, how it starts, what happens, how it ends.(No pornos please Chiris Leese & Arfa Tunn!)

* The characters (decsribe what kind of person he/she/they are)

* Why you like/dislike the film.

That make sense?

MAKE SURE you tell me in advance what film you are planning to do as I don't want people doing the same ones.

The video for part 20 will be especially edited by myself this time, with clips from your chosen movie playing in the background of your verse. It should make a good watch and remember....

THE WINNER GETS £50 CLOTHING CREDIT FROM WWW.STURBANCLOTHING.COM!! so there is a nice little incentive to enter, the chance to win your self some new trainers, some new jeans or t-shirts etc etc!

Right, Whos aboard for part 20 -The Hip Hop Blockbuster?



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