Sunday, 24 April 2011

Spynal Tv Presents - Diligent Fingers Prestyle

The first in the series of Freestyle/Prestyle videos from Spynal TV. Diligent Fingers, Head of Spynal Records, steps up to spit some bars on a lovely summers day!


Lack of blogging! Unknown MC's Inno In The Sun MC Comp entry!

easy people, Dil here head of S?ynal Records. just wanted to apologise for the lack of posts recently as alot has been going on with the label and releases behind the scenes! normal blogging will resume post haste!

SOOOOOO check out the newest member of G13 Records' live team, UNKNOWN MC ( ) and his entry for the Innovation In The Sun 2011 MC Competition. Unknown has making waves in the dnb scene for the last couple of years now and has recently been added to manchester's OH MY GOD Artist Agency ( ) as well as causing devastation alongside Propz and Rowney ( heads of G13 ) and Shadow Deamon Coalition's main man MC TRIGGA ( whos new single ROLLIN is coming soon - check out other tracks here - )


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Spynal Abnoxshuz Takeover on The Bottomless Crates radio show 6-04-2011

The full playlist for The Spynal Abnoxshuz Takeover on the Bottomless Crates radio show, 6-04-2011. Featuring a live showcase of M.A.B's new project One Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Away and tracks from The Redemption Mixtape by Diligent Fingers and Ed XL, Busy Digits by Diligent Fingers and The Program by all 3 coming later this year.

Dil's Winter - The Singles

A collection of tracks recorded over the winter 2010 - 2011, inspired by Cages Hell's Winter album released on Def Jux.
Each track will be released every 2 weeks starting 12/04/2011


Saturday, 2 April 2011

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