Thursday, 30 September 2010

MAB and Ed XL - The Forgotten Collection - FREE DOWNLOAD


Here is the first project released on Abnoxshuz Entertainment - Cranky Phatso presents - M.A.B & EdXL - the Forgotten Collection. This is a mixtape compiled of old and un-used tracks by M.A.B & EdXL produced by Cranky Phatso recorded between the times of 2006 and 2008, hence the name of 'Forgotten Collection'. In all honesty, this is not an indication of what skill both M.A.B & EdXL bare, more of a practice run of what's in store for you listeners in the near future. So, rather than letting the tracks gather dust on an old, neglected C.D, we at Abnoxshuz Entertainment decided it was a better idea to share them with you! With respect, it is still an all-round, good quality mixtape. EdXL displays a heap of talent with many technical flows, sing-along songs and very heart-felt conscious lyrics. M.A.B on the otherhand isn't as technical on this mixtape, but also displays many conscious lyrics and alot of layed back, mellow songs. Extremely tight production and mix-downs throughout by Cranky Phatso (click here). This is the first mixtape aranged and designed by J.C.A for Abnoxshuz Artworkz, knowing only the basics, I must say he did a good job!

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