Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

Qik - Mr Bugg's Video Diary - Logic quick 16 bars - 21/06/10 by Logic AKA Mr Bugg

Ben.B - Reel Life Vol 1 feat Diligent Fingers - OUT NOW!!!!

Written by Sre  
Friday, 16 April 2010 17:05

Today we’re going to look at artist Ben Brazier Aka Ben.B, currently located in Macclesfield he’s fully representing the North West UK Hip Hop scene. His year planned debut album ‘Reel Life Vol.1’ has now dropped but currently pending a digital release. 
I was honestly surprised by the talent and potential of Ben.B, the first tune ‘Reel’ really points out what he’s about and left me feeling pretty excited about the rest of the CD. Can fairly say the next tune didn’t disappoint;  a nice fresh sound of ‘real music’ labelling his visions of certain situations hence why the tune is named ‘Visions’.
Listening on, the tune ‘Wots Goin’ On’ grabbed my attention, a nice beat with a mellow baseline, nicely laid out drums and a chorus with sick sounding scratches made it the perfect tune to drop a few metaphors and punchlines. As the album progresses it starts to see new faces, ‘Villanious’ featuring Butch & Edxl comes at a different style being more grimey then previous tracks.
From there on end the tracks feature more artists including Chris.L and Beit Nun. Track ‘Forward Thinking’ is a nice track that discusses situations that currently occurs in society including politics, economy and poverty. A very powerful track that leaves your brain ticking.
The last tune ‘Life’ has to be one of my favourites although only being around 1 ½ minutes long, a very jumpy tune that you have to just nod your head too, using this track to summarise ‘Real Life’ in his own words.

Overall I feel this debut album really surprised me. It can only be described as a powerful cd that paints a clear picture on what Ben.B describes as ‘Real Life’. I suggest you get yourselves a copy and listen yourself!
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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Diligent Fingers - I'm Great - The Redemption Mixtape OUT JUL/AUG 2010

Easy people!

Half way through a new mixtape i'm working on so i thought i'd put up 2 of the 6 tracks.

Diligent Fingers - The Redemption Mixtape


I'm Great


as always all feedback is welcome and this should be finished within the next couple of weeks!


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Legend that is Bruce Lee

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Logic - Death Of The Wasteman - Spynal Records by S?ynal Records

Logic - Death Of The Wasteman - Spynal Records by S?ynal Records

Moot Art / Make Make clothing

“On this earth, all things are made
by the hand of the God’s and the hand
of man.
It is Making, that makes us Human.
It is Destroying, that makes us Inhuman.”
Back in the mid Zero’s, artist “Moot” gathered
together some other creative heads from
around the North to create MakeMake.
With a history steeped in creative endeavours,
MakeMake was the natural evolution of our
ideals. Solid roots formed on Market stall’s and
dingy walls, we are a proud race that believe in
one simple ethic... It takes an Iron Will &
Necessary Skill to achieve our goals in a world
full of holes. 

Logic aka Mr Bugg  and the Black Widow Night Fighers are now officially sponsored by Make Make Clothing.
check out the fresh garms @ :
Moot Art  -

Massive thanks to the Make Make team!!

Where's The Jungle *sale*

Where's The Jungle™ SALE

WHEREs THE JUNGLE has been a mainstay of the drum&bass/jungle dancehalls and raves worldwide, we have been spotted on every continent, attended every big rave and now we think its time to give something back.

Most of the tees won't be getting re-pressed so this is your last chance to own one of these tees, repped by the likes of High Contrast, Goldie, Marky, Cyantific, Logistics, Makoto, Randall, Stamina, Lowqui, Deeizm, Jungle Drummer and GQ to name a few, they have seen the best that this music has to offer.

This is a limited time offer, we don't ramp prices go back up soon.

available in both men and womens cuts.

Get them before there gone and pass it on.


Qik - E:Drive @ Uberwang , The Corner 04-06-10 by Logic AKA Mr Bugg

Sub-Woofah Soundz on Unity Radio.FM 07/06/10

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