About Spynal

 " S?ynal has been a sleeping brainchild of mine for many years and now its time to wake the baby and nurture it into a respectable label, not just focusing on one type/genre but all types/genres of music.
S?ynal is for real music with heart and soul, backbone absolutely graffed into it. Music that stands the test of time, Music you can feel, Music as its suppose to be, the soundtrack to life. " 

Diligent Fingers ( Hip Hop Emcee and Producer )
( also known as Logic ( DNB MC ) / Mr Bugg ( DNB DJ / Producer ) )

CEO of S?ynal Records
Member of Ruthless Kombination
Official G13 Records DJ/MC
Member Of Sub-Woofah

Residencies :

Labels ( signed to ) :
Witness Records ( DNB )
 In Da Jungle Recordings ( DNB )
Black Regin Recordings ( DNB )
G13 Records ( DNB )
Motion Sensor ( DNB )
Smokescreen Records ( DNB )
 Hybrid Records

Music Profile

i come from a really musical family, my step dad use to run reggae and dub sound systems and sound clashes, Steppa Sound, in moss side and my mum use to run her own roots and culture, reggae and dub show, Monday Munchies on buzz and irie fm from when i was about 3 years old. dub and reggae are in my blood! my two little brothers are now garage emcees and are starting to produce their own tunes ( with help from their big bro ) and my two little sisters sing at local talent shows and work in local musical project groups.
hip hop, drum n bass, rock, metal, punk, old skool, mo town, soul, funk, rnb,  breakbeat, classical, i love music that has soul, at home it was reggae, dub roots and culture, dennis brown, iration steppa, tubby t, king tubby, jah shakka, jah movement, bob marley, garnet silk always blasting thru the speakers, when i went into foster care at 13, it was motown, diana ross, marvin gaye, al green, issac hayes, disco, funk, jazz in my ears, i was lucky to have such great parents and foster parents! classical music really gets me too as its all free movement of sound, strings, brass instruments all played and composed by some brilliant minds. and to think some composesers didn't need the instruments to help write their pieces!! its mindblowing!!

i really got in to music in general when i was 8 and i started an African drumming course in school and did a live concert at the Royal Northern College of Music in manchester with other classmates which later got aired on bbc 2!! i just loved the sound of drums but over time i grew to just love sound. i started buying records from charity shops of all music genres, plus my parents were always entering me and my bros and sisters into dance comps and talent shows and singing in our gospel church choir. music has and will always be a dominant part of my life!


i started producing in high school when i was 14 replicating old hip hop and dance tunes on cubase 5, i couldn't and still cant read music for the life of me but i was great at playing it by ear, i took up trumpet lessons and ended up teaching myself coz no matter how hard i try i just cant seem to transfer the sheet music data from page to my brain to my hands but play me the music and i'll figure it out in 5 minutes, thus getting an A- in music for all my practical work. i really started getting into the blues then and jive rock, chuck berry, tj hooker, bb king, ray charles were all kings of setting moods and completely submerging you into their music. around the time i started making music was when i fell in love with jungle and drum n bass, alex reese - pulp fiction blew my mind. also i was really into dance music, paul van dyke, oakenfold, sasha were blowing up everywhere with their djing skills and styles, not too keen on present day dance tho, love funky house but not been paying attention for a while now but need to get back into it! now producing takes up nearly all of my time, using Cubase SX ! - 3, Reason 3, Recylce, Wavelab, and various plugins i put every part of my life into what i make. every tune i've made reflects a point in my life may it be good or bad its in there and hopefully you'll hear it and feel it! i've had 3 of my productions signed to 4 of my productions signed to 3 different labels, Witness Records, In Da Jungle Recordings and Black Reign Recordings. all digital labels and hopefully more to come in the future.


I got into dj'ing at my friend's birthday party when i was 17 and after a dodgy insurance job on my first flat i went out and got some Gemini XL400 belt drives and i was on my way! After 3 months of battering my decks, learning how to mix and making music on cubase vst5 on my pc and music 2000 on my playstation , i started dj'ing at free parties from the likes of NTA, Missing in Manchester, Daylight Robbery, The Satans Slaves ( on bengal street nr sankeys usually ) and others as well as dj'ing in clubs like Club Addiction Northwich under 18s nights, D-tuned at the Blueprint and Basscamp at Ohm in Nottingham and a one off RnB gig at Rumours in Blackpool as well as clubs in manchester like the Font bar where recently i done a couple of live hip hop gigs for Northern Komfort Promotions, the Jam, the Jamfish Altrincham, MMSU Harveys bar, the Old Monk, the Roadhouse, the Redrooms free parties and a dj comp at Bar med on Princess street in 2002 where i came 3rd which i was quiet proud of and now i'm a firm regular in clubs across manchester and the northwest.


It started just as a laugh about 3 years ago just writing bits and bobs with Tokane ( manchester hip hop group Mitch MC and Jay mccurdy ( www.northernkomfort.co.uk , Northern Komfort Promotions ) John Hughes, Will ( dj hesk/ www.hesk.co.uk ) ian Mr P peel, Nic ) and for Abstract Fusion ( a collective that me and DJ Hesk formed and are a growing collective across the uk, www.myspace.com/abstractfusion ), we did a couple of live shows ( M.U.M.S the word @ the font manchester/ Future Savings @ Jamfish Altrncham and Joshua Brooks Manchester ) which were big things coz i'm a dj at heart so it was mad not hiding behind a pair of decks! over time i started to get more into it, creating a strong bond with Mitch MC and forming MBR ( Mitch Bugg Rollin' ) as a MC/DJ tag team and being heavily influenced by UK hip hop, reggae, dub, soul, and old US hip hop as well as Drum n Bass, slowly but surely i started to create my own style and recieve bookings for drum n bass and hip hop events across the northwest and the UK.

The Present and The Furture

After 2 successful internet radio shows ( Fusion Soundz - WTS Radio, The Mobbstar Show - Ichi Radio and NWDNB Radio ), 2 manchester based locals events ( Mobbstar Promotions present Mixed Ability and Fusion Soundz ), featuring 3 years in a row on NWDNB.co.uk's Winter Wonderland and Summer Vibes showcase mixes, coming 2nd place in DJ Sappo's Mixtape Impossible remix competition ( 1st place - Dawn Raid and 3rd place - Henchman ( now Stenchman ) for our remixes of Sappo's SKY ), signing to 2 UK labels, 1 US and 1 Canadian label ( digital and vinyl distribution ) and Dj'ing/Mc'ing across the uk alongside the drum n bass scene's biggest players and becoming one of manchester's favorate respected underground musicians, all in the space of 4 years ( from 2002 onwards ),
Logic aka Mr Bugg, now known as Diligent Fingers, is now focusing mainly on all his skills and Hip Hop and setting up S?ynal Records as his own label to provide a platform for himself and many underground artists to get their music heard independantly.

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