Monday, 2 August 2010

M.A.B - Abnoxshuz from U.K to U.S Vol.1

Brand new mixtape from Abnoxshuz Entertainment's main man M.A.B.
now i've personally know MAB from when he was just starting and finding his style and the rate he has improved at is amazing and this mixtape is a taste of big things to come.
smashing tracks along side underground artists like Ramson Badbones, Ed XL, Johnny Darko to name a few and featuring on Charlie Sloth's Fire In The Phone Booth, the future looks bright for M.A.B and the Abnoxshuz camp.

Artist..............: M.A.B
Album...............: 'Abnoxshuz from U.K to U.S Vol.1'
Genre...............: UK Hip-Hop

01 - Theres More Yet (Intro)
02 - Im On It
03 - Tell Ya Bout Me (Ft. Seapa Dee)
04 - Ill
05 - When I Kick It
06 - Top Rhymer (Ft. EdXl)
07 - Under Ya Skin
08 - What If
09 - Some How Some Way
10 - In Love With Me
11 - The Darkness (Ft. J.C.A)
12 - The Reign
13 - What This Means To Me
14 - Marmite On A Beat
15 - Nail In Ya Coffin (Ft. Johnny Darko)
16 - Anihalated (Ft. Ramson Badbonez)
17 - Underground (Ft. Truth)
18 - Army Suit And Skimask
19 - Thanks To You (Outro)

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