Wednesday, 4 August 2010

BWNF - Moonflower - debut album OUT NOW!!!

Introducing the Black Widow Night Fighters ( Diligent Fingers, Dark Lord and Sabre T )

and their debut album Moonflower, out now on S?ynal Records.

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The first of many projects from BWNF, hailing from manchester but not reppin any area, just hip hop.

<a href="">01 - Bwnf - Lunar Gods - Moonflower by S?ynal Records</a>


1. Lunar Gods
2. Night Fighter
3. Cold Harvest
4. Illogical Riddles
5. Poison Pen
6. Chosen One
7. Anybody Out There
8. Fortunes Of Foresight
9. Lower Planes
10. The Grey Haze
11. Minds Of Noir
12. On The Rise
13. Night Vision
14. Woe Is Me
15. Midnight Wishing Well
16. Moonflower

All tracks written, produced and engineered by BWNF, Artwork by TeaOne.

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