Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Moot Art / Make Make clothing

“On this earth, all things are made
by the hand of the God’s and the hand
of man.
It is Making, that makes us Human.
It is Destroying, that makes us Inhuman.”
Back in the mid Zero’s, artist “Moot” gathered
together some other creative heads from
around the North to create MakeMake.
With a history steeped in creative endeavours,
MakeMake was the natural evolution of our
ideals. Solid roots formed on Market stall’s and
dingy walls, we are a proud race that believe in
one simple ethic... It takes an Iron Will &
Necessary Skill to achieve our goals in a world
full of holes. 

Logic aka Mr Bugg  and the Black Widow Night Fighers are now officially sponsored by Make Make Clothing.
check out the fresh garms @ :
Moot Art  - http://mootart.com

Massive thanks to the Make Make team!!

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