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Ben.B - Reel Life Vol 1 feat Diligent Fingers - OUT NOW!!!!

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Friday, 16 April 2010 17:05

Today we’re going to look at artist Ben Brazier Aka Ben.B, currently located in Macclesfield he’s fully representing the North West UK Hip Hop scene. His year planned debut album ‘Reel Life Vol.1’ has now dropped but currently pending a digital release. 
I was honestly surprised by the talent and potential of Ben.B, the first tune ‘Reel’ really points out what he’s about and left me feeling pretty excited about the rest of the CD. Can fairly say the next tune didn’t disappoint;  a nice fresh sound of ‘real music’ labelling his visions of certain situations hence why the tune is named ‘Visions’.
Listening on, the tune ‘Wots Goin’ On’ grabbed my attention, a nice beat with a mellow baseline, nicely laid out drums and a chorus with sick sounding scratches made it the perfect tune to drop a few metaphors and punchlines. As the album progresses it starts to see new faces, ‘Villanious’ featuring Butch & Edxl comes at a different style being more grimey then previous tracks.
From there on end the tracks feature more artists including Chris.L and Beit Nun. Track ‘Forward Thinking’ is a nice track that discusses situations that currently occurs in society including politics, economy and poverty. A very powerful track that leaves your brain ticking.
The last tune ‘Life’ has to be one of my favourites although only being around 1 ½ minutes long, a very jumpy tune that you have to just nod your head too, using this track to summarise ‘Real Life’ in his own words.

Overall I feel this debut album really surprised me. It can only be described as a powerful cd that paints a clear picture on what Ben.B describes as ‘Real Life’. I suggest you get yourselves a copy and listen yourself!
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