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Bare Beats - A Collection!

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No bulls**t, just straight up hip hop. Like the good old days of one dj and one mc, Modulok and Beats bring chemistry with their music, they keep ish moving. The Traffic ep is a collection of remixes and some unreleased tracks, the diversity in Beats as a producer and Modulok’s indie tongue brings together a nice lil’ release .

Bare Beats (The Kemistry / Takaba Records)
Modulok (Red Ants / Takaba Records)

1.Happiness (Remix) ft, Jabba Tha Kut
2.Cool & Deadly (Remix) ft, Apollo Creed
3.People (Remix) ft, Jabba Tha Kut
4.Ink Spots (Remix)
5.Verses (Remix)
6.Dreams (Unreleased)
7.Your Everything
8.Traffic (Unreleased)

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The Kemistry have just dropped a freebie ep, with some previously released tracks and some new demo type tracks .. I can't big this up too much without sounding like a self promoting arse hole, so just download it, drop it on ya ipod, laugh at the artwork & have a listen and see what ya think fo ya self's .. Pz ..

01 . Window - The Tour EP
02 . mascot - The Kemistry EP
03 . Plugin Baby - Promo
04 . The Core Live - The Tour EP
05 . Shrinking Fear - The Kemistry EP
06 . The Mosquito Song - Cover Demo
07 . The Craving - Album Demo

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01. What Up Intro
02. Bad Men (Exclusive)- Modulok
03. Insomia (Remix) - Modulok
04. Pysic Dictarship (Remix) - Modulok
05. Keep me Awake (Remix) - 777
06. Can't Turn the Hands Back (Exclusive) - Beit Nun
07. Mascot - Kemi ft, Smokey
08. Turn (Exclusive) - Smokey

A Spare Minute features; Modulok (Red Ants), 777 (Innit Records), Beit Nun (Innit Records), Smokey (Bare Records) and Kemi.

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‘Bare Smoke’ are back, with a little present for you all. Since their collaboration on Smokey’s highly acclaimed debut album, ‘Words from the Missing’, the duo have been working hard to put together a selection of dark tracks, highly influenced by bass heavy jazz, dark side Drum ‘n’ Bass and various atmospheric film scores. Flipping it up a bit yet staying true to their unique rough & rugged hip hop sound with a bitter twist, the pair have put together a compilation of head jamming tracks with more than a nod to their customary deep bass lines, choice samples and hectic sythns.

01. intro - general knowledge, perry scaramanga & smokey
02. world is mine - smokey
03. what the fuk - smokey & perry scaramanga
04. what the skit 1 - bobby drake
05. people - modulok & bare beats ft, jabba tha kut
06. banger - the phobia
07. perpetual spacewalk - smokey
08. what the skit 2
09. choke n’ rob – modulok
10. outro (slinging bars) - perry scaramanga

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