Friday, 21 August 2009

Logic Presents No U Turns Mixtape - Vol.1 OUT NOW!

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S?YNAL RECORDS PRESENTS Logic MC's first Hip Hop mixtape of many NO U TURNS VOL.1.
Featuring some of manchester's finest underground MC's, Frisko, Sabre Tooth, Ed XL, Backchat and tracks from Logic's production alter ego Mr Bugg.

" even tho people know me as a drum n bass mc i've always had hip hop as a major influence and after years of being on the dnb scene i thought its finally time to let that heavy influnce come out and show i'm not just a crazy raver mc "

With tracks like " Couldn't Give A ", a humble yet sharp dig at the mainstream hip hop scene at the moment, it seems Logic does have a few choice words to say while " I'm Silly " and " New Flava This Year " still shows the cocky and funny side of Logic that people know him for. Showcasing the varied lyrical talents of his close friends and mc'ing buddies, this is a mixtape that will have you laughing your head off and " one foot skankin " as the odd man says!!

But remember, Logic and Friends dont ramp! So Respect The Movement!

With plans are already on the way for NO U TURNS VOL.2 where Logic will be bringing more artists into the mix and hopefully bridging the gap between the north and south of the UK, Logic aka Mr Bugg still insists on promoting up n coming artists since the Fusion Soundz and The Mobbstar Radio Show days of his musical career.

Released 3rd August 2009, this mixtape looks set to be a very interesting and fun insight into the world of this multi talented artist. 2 BONUS MR BUGG TRACKS ADDED!!!


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